The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Anger and frustration is everywhere. Social media, newspapers,
television are teeming with stories filled with irritation and discontent.

Even in places of worship, the faithful harbour emotions of defeat,
betrayal and abandonment. No longer is it directed at leaders and
pillars of society, that dissipated long ago, instead, it is now
directed at our perception of God.
As we chart the human need pyramid, higher level needs from the
ambitions of the average human are distant thoughts, rather we remain
trapped in the most basic of needs…the needs of certainty and
variety. Entangled in the belief that more is better, we continue to
attempt to fulfill the unquenchable desire for more. As such, we
remain trapped in our desire to fulfill certainty, whose boundaries
will always remain a step ahead.
As the saying goes, God is within each of us, to abandon God, is to
abandon ourselves. Therefore, reflect upon your needs and what you
have always desired; determine if you live in a manner that will see
you achieve those needs. Ask yourself, are your actions driven along
the path that sees you turn your efforts towards attaining the
simplest of needs yet never maintaining the outcome?

Edward March 1, 2013

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