You should be so lucky

At one time or another, someone, somewhere has uttered the phrase “you should be so lucky…” to/at us, but very rarely do we ask why they said those words?At times, upon reflection, these words seem to be an invitation to a challenge or an argument. At other times, the words raise a sense of self doubt and defeatism.When someone of importance says “you should be so lucky…” they are almost always speaking from a self reflective perspective. Ask yourself if the individual is objective enough to understand your perspective? Are they able to assess you position and reflect upon those words with your needs aligned? Most often, it is due to shortcomings at their conscious level that leads them to utter these words, and most always it is your lack of self understanding that leads you to react negatively. Learn to interpret your actions and your thoughts so they become aligned with your needs. In this way your responses will resonate with your being and come from a position of power. This is the strength in knowing oneself. life is the incarnation of one’s belief

Edward June 2013

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