Love makes people do strange things. Others watch and judgmentally wonder if you’ve lost your mind, but who in love, truly in love would not behave the same?

Losing oneself in bliss is the achievement in life we seek!

Act as you will…be crazy, be strange because the ones that are judging just want the same for themselves.


June 2014

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Chained Mind

I can tell by the glazed look on your face that seem confused, frightened and unable to comprehend or respond.

There was a time, perhaps not too long ago, when you were certain…certain of what you wanted for yourself and expected of yourself. What you wanted of others and for others.

To state what you want and to ask it of others is to break free from the confines of the glazed stare. To begin once again establish control over yourself and find pride in being you.

For yourself and for your loved ones, it becomes necessary for you to find vision.

Fear drives confusion and panic. We become trapped in this notion of the glazed stare and our lives become dictated instead of us having control and being certain of our journey.


Edward May 2014

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Lost in Fear

It is said if the mountain was easy to climb, everyone would do it. Sometimes it’s hard to debate & engage with people who simply cannot see or choose not see what you see. It is at that point that the strong belief in yourself needs to show. This is where you face your biggest challenge…your fears. Remember, anyone who succeeds already believes it. What you achieve for yourself, your family, your community is already in thoughts and ready to be acted upon. Challenge yourself to overcome your fears. Nothing is as it is. Everything should be as you wish it to be, so wish for the best and take action.

May 2014

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Love is never d…

Love is never defined by its parameters but by its boundless giving.

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You should be so lucky

At one time or another, someone, somewhere has uttered the phrase “you should be so lucky…” to/at us, but very rarely do we ask why they said those words?At times, upon reflection, these words seem to be an invitation to a challenge or an argument. At other times, the words raise a sense of self doubt and defeatism.When someone of importance says “you should be so lucky…” they are almost always speaking from a self reflective perspective. Ask yourself if the individual is objective enough to understand your perspective? Are they able to assess you position and reflect upon those words with your needs aligned? Most often, it is due to shortcomings at their conscious level that leads them to utter these words, and most always it is your lack of self understanding that leads you to react negatively. Learn to interpret your actions and your thoughts so they become aligned with your needs. In this way your responses will resonate with your being and come from a position of power. This is the strength in knowing oneself. life is the incarnation of one’s belief

Edward June 2013

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The Working World

The Working World


You’re hired! You convinced the hiring manager to give you the job, and now you must walk the labyrinth of corporate relations. There are a handful of people in your unit, several more in the unit next to yours and more within the units that you interact with and so on. Each is an individual, different and unique. Each leader may impose their character style onto their unit which may lead to conflicting viewpoints within the varying units. Ultimately, it is the company president that dictates the behavioural style of the employees as a whole.


How do you deal with all of these characters and behavioural styles while maintaining yours and at the same time succeeding in your goals and aspirations? First and foremost understand yourself and your behavior. What were the key points to getting hired? What was your perspective and expectations at the time you were applying? Where is your focus in the everyday? How do you interpret the message?

The key is not to make everything and all about you and thus be more open to the varying viewpoints and personalities. Always ask yourself, what different meanings could each statement have and you will see that there are always multiple viewpoints to each and every statement. Perhaps it’s time you reflect internally and the means by which you see and hear and perceive the world about you. By knowing and understanding yourself, you are better able to create a rewarding work environment.


March 2013

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The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Anger and frustration is everywhere. Social media, newspapers,
television are teeming with stories filled with irritation and discontent.

Even in places of worship, the faithful harbour emotions of defeat,
betrayal and abandonment. No longer is it directed at leaders and
pillars of society, that dissipated long ago, instead, it is now
directed at our perception of God.
As we chart the human need pyramid, higher level needs from the
ambitions of the average human are distant thoughts, rather we remain
trapped in the most basic of needs…the needs of certainty and
variety. Entangled in the belief that more is better, we continue to
attempt to fulfill the unquenchable desire for more. As such, we
remain trapped in our desire to fulfill certainty, whose boundaries
will always remain a step ahead.
As the saying goes, God is within each of us, to abandon God, is to
abandon ourselves. Therefore, reflect upon your needs and what you
have always desired; determine if you live in a manner that will see
you achieve those needs. Ask yourself, are your actions driven along
the path that sees you turn your efforts towards attaining the
simplest of needs yet never maintaining the outcome?

Edward March 1, 2013

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